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New Mexico Baptisms

Church of Our Lady of Belen

NMGS Press Item #A10, 1998
Indexed and spiral bound. $50.00. 553 pages.

Map of the area

From the first portion of the Introduction:

"The town of Belen (Bethlehem) is located in the Rio Grande valley, some 32 miles south of Albuquerque or Interstate 25. In 1998, its population is listed in current records as approximately 8,000."

"Belen was founded in 1740 when a group of Spanish colonists led by Don Diego de Torres and Antonio Salazar received permission to settle a tract of land which was to become the Belen Land Grant. Don Gaspar Domingo de Mendoza, then Governor of New Mexico, issued the Royal Grant on November 15, 1740. The Grant included 200,000 acres."

"Although the original Grant does not mention Indians, records show that there was a Genízarosettlement near Belen. Genízaros were "displaced" Indians who became allies of the Spanish, either by having been redeemed or ransomed from the tribes holding them captive or by these Indians asking the Spanish for protection. Having no tribe to return to, the Genízaros were allocated a designated established settlement. They were then expected to provide for their own needs and to help defend against the enemy just like the other settlers. They intermarried with the Spanish and with other Indian tribes to the extent that their identity is entirely lost. There were known Genízaro settlements in Abiquiu, Tomé, and Belen. . ." [The introduction continues.]

Included are lists of abbreviations and phrases used in the publication, and a name index. Names are indexed in three lists: by name of person baptised, by parents' names, and also by godparents, grandparents, and others named.

Extracted by Lila Armijo Pfeufer. Compiled by Margaret Leonard Windham and Evelyn Lujan Baca. Introduction by Filomena Garcia Baca. Map by Ernie Jaskolski. A publication of the New Mexico Genealogical Society

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