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New Mexico
Spanish and Mexican
1750 to 1830

NMGS Press Item #B3, 1981
Indexed and spiral bound. $24.00. 314 pages.

Compiled by Virginia Langham Olmsted, G.R.S.

From the first few paragraphs of the Preface:
" Censuses of the Spanish and Mexican eras in New Mexico are filled with valuable information for Hispanic and Native American genealogists. This collection of censuses, together with a first volume, Spanish and Mexican Colonial Censuses of New Mexico, 1790, 1823 and 1845 (Book B2), gives the researcher a century of New Mexico families before the area came under the jurisdiction of the United States.

"Although the 1750 census of New Mexico is a complete census, the information recorded by the enumerators varies with each locality and official. I have compiled the censuses with all information given by the friars or civil officials who recorded the original documents. The archaic spellings and the abbreviations of baptismal names and surnames have been retained."

A list follows of abbreviations used throughout the book, as well as ethnic terms.

This is publication B3 of the NMGS Press.

Table of Contents:

Spanish Colonial Census of New Mexico (1750)

Santa Fe
Pecos Pueblo
Galisteo Pueblo
Tesuque Pueblo
Nambe Pueblo
Poajoaque and Cuyamungue Spanish settlers
San Ildefonso Pueblo and Spanish settlers
Villa de Santa Cruz de la Cañada
Santa Clara Pueblo
Puesto de Chama
San Juan Pueblo and Spanish settlers
Picuris Pueblo and Spanish settlers
Taos Pueblo and Taos Spanish settlers
Cochiti Pueblo
Santo Domingo Pueblo
San Felipe Pueblo
Santa Ana Pueblo
Zia Pueblo and Spanish settlers
Jemez Pueblo
Laguna Pueblo
Acoma Pueblo
Zuñi Pueblo
Villa de Alburquerque
Isleta Pueblo
Rancho de Padilla
Sitio de Gutierres
San Clemente

Santa Clara Settlers (ca. 1785-1798)

Military Census of Santa Fe (1790)

Abiquiu Census (1790)

Plaza San Rafael
Plaza San Ygnacio
Plaza San Miguel
Plaza Santa Rosa Capia
Plaza San Antonio
Plaza San Jose del Barranca
Plaza de Guadalupe
Plaza Santa Rosa de Lima
Pueblo of San Tomás

Albuquerque Confraternity (1802)

Los Duranes
Los Candelarias
Los Griegos
San Jose de los Gallegos
San Antonio de los Poblanos
Los Rancheros
Plaza de Francisco Candelaria
Hacienda de SanAntonio
Plaza de San Fernando
Los Trujillos
Los Garcias
Los Chavez
Los Lentes
Los Padillas

Las Huertas and Bernalillo (ca. 1803-07)

San Juan (1816): Embudo, Joya, Canos, Bosque, and Plaza de los Angeles

San Juan (ca. 1816-1817): Ojo Caliente, San Pedro Chamita

Sandia (1818): Spanish settlers, Corrales

Santa Clara Spanish settlers: Plaza del Rio de Chama, Plaza de le Purissima Concepcion, Plaza de San Antonio, Plaza de San Franicsco, Plaza de San Jose, Plaza de San Juan, Plaza de San Pedro.

Santa Cruz de la Cañada (1822): Plaza Mayor, Plaza de San Pedro, Plaza de Guadalupe, Plaza de San Ysidro, Plaza de Nuestra Señora de la Luz, Ranchos, La Puebla, Dolores, Cuchillo, San Buenaventura, Potrero, Cundillo, Quemado, Truchas.

Santa Cruz de la Cañada (1823): Ranchos de Guadalupe, Plaza de San Pedro, Plaza de Guadalupe, Plaza de San Ysidro, Ranchitos, Curatelez, La Puebla, Plaza de Dolores, Plaza de Cundillo, Plaza del Zerro.

Military Census of Santa Fe (1826)

San Antonio del Sabinal (1827)

Cañones (1830)

Ballecito (1830)

Jemez Jurisdiction (1830): Jemez Pueblo, San Ysidro, Zia Pueblo, Del File.

Surame index

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