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Censuses of 1833 and 1845

NMGS Press Item #B6, 1994
Indexed and spiral bound. $24.00. 172 pages.

{Socorro B6}

From the first few paragraphs of the Preface:
The majority of information in this publication is taken from microfilm of the original documents on record at the State Archives and Records Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. See AASF Roll No. 92, Frame Nos. 360-374 and 400-416. In preparation for this publication, the original documents were also studied, by special permission from the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.

With the exception of a few months, the curate for the Socorro area from February, 1829, through September, 1850, was Jose Vicente Chavez. However, the differing handwriting and formats indicate that at least four different enumerators inscribed the two censuses.

Anyone who has researched the old handwritten documents will understand the difficulties encountered, such as deciphering penmanship, phonetic spelling of names, inconsistent spelling, abbreviations, strikeouts, faded ink and water stains. There underlined words or letters indicate illegible portions of the text, other researchers have been consulted for the most likely interpretation. . . .

Jose Gonzales and Teresa Ramírez Alief were extractors of the censuses, with compilation and history by Teresa Ramirez Alief. Computer data entry and design by Patricia Black Esterly. This is a publication of the New Mexico Genealogical Society.


1844 map "Indian Territory, Northern Texas and New Mexico."
1850 Valencia County.
History of the area
1833 Census
San Miguel del Socorro
Plasa de La Jolla
Plasa de la Polvadera
Plasa de la Parida
Luis Lopes
Plasa de Las Guertas(Huertas)
Luiz Lopes
1845 Census
Jesus Maria y Jose del Lemitar
San Lorenso de la Polvadera
San Miguel del Socorro
San Antonio del Savino
La Joyita
La Joya de Sebilleta
San Antonio de La Parida
San Miguelito de las Cañas
San Miguel de Las Cañas
San Gavriel del Vosquesito
San Jose de Luis Lopes
Name index

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