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Genealogical Resources in New Mexico, by Karen Daniel, CGSM
New Mexico Record Collections, by Karen Daniel, CGSM
Vital Record Information, by Karen Daniel, CGSM

Research Sources in Spanish Colonial New Mexico, by Oakah L. Jones, Ph.D.
Historical Sources in Spanish Colonial New Mexico, by Oakah L. Jones, Ph.D.

Census on pdf- Valencia County 1870, 1880, 1885, by Clarissa Cosgrove.

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Genealogical Resources in New Mexico
" 4th Edition
by Karen Stein Daniel, C.GSM
NMGS Press  Item #E5, 2014, 250 pages.
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This is a revised edition to the well-thumbed earlier issues of Genealogical Resources in New Mexico, initially by Dr. Robert E. Esterly, and the 2nd and 3rd editions by Certified Genealogist Karen S. Daniel. Due to the great interest that genealogy has generated in the ensuing years, this new publication contains updated websites and repositiories.

The state of New Mexico offers an unparalleled abundance of resource material covering its long and interesting history and ethnic diversity. Resources in genealogy have developed at such a fast pace both within the state and nationally, it has become imperative to provide researchers with this updated and revised publication. It includes:

The Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS)

A five step process for verification of evidence, established to guide serious researchers in writing and assembling a family history. This chapter is online.
Dates in New Mexico History.

Genealogical milestones in New Mexico history.
• Churches and their Records (more than nine denominations within NM)
• County Information
• Funeral Homes and Mortuary Records
• Libraries and Archive Information
• Academic Libraries
• Family History Centers
• Public Libraries and Archives
• Out-of-State
• Museums

Record Groups and Collections
Vital Record Information (This chapter is online. Click here to read it.)
• Census Records and Census Substitutes
• Land Records
• Locating Catholic Church Records (an online resource)
• Map, Atlas, and Other Geographic Resources
• Military and War Era Records
• Native American Sources
• Newspapers
• Online Archive of New Mexico (OANM) and Other Manuscript Collections
• School, Orphanage, Adoption and Hospital Records

• Genealogical, Historical, and Lineage Societies
• Fraternal and Ethnic Organizations

A Selected and Annotated Bibliography
True to the author's training in genealogical documentation, the sources are extensively researched and clearly presented, and is so packed with information that serious researchers will find daily uses for the book.

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